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Youth Ministry Team Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

Sid invited you to a webinar about how to talk about porn with students. That is actually happening on July 23 and you can find more details HERE.


Today’s conversation is critical when you realize how pervasive and how destructive pornography is within your youth ministry. Teenagers' brains are being rewired, their understanding of intimacy is being hijacked, and their time is being filled by this powerful addiction. Unfortunately, the shame that porn brings often diminishes the ability to have honest conversations so that teenagers can find hope and healing. Join in today’s episode as Sid and Jeremy interview Brett Ullman on the importance of talking more about pornography as well as some of the practical ways that you can spark this conversation.


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Learn more about Brett Ullman on his Youtube channel and website, especially his talk called The Porn Project.

Special thanks to Rocky Mountain College for partnering with us in delivering today’s conversation.