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Youth Ministry Team Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

Everything suffers when there’s not enough volunteers on your youth ministry team. Conversations are strained as small groups are not so small. Students fall through the cracks. Morale sinks. Creativity wanes. And everyone starts to wonder how long things can continue. But what if your team culture was so strong that people sat on waiting lists to volunteer? What if people loved serving together so much that their passion for investing in students’ lives was nearly matched by their excitement for being on such a healthy team? How could you help your team get close to that? How can you support the other volunteers you serve with?

Welcome to the Youth Ministry Team Podcast. Youth Ministries rise and fall on the team of volunteers, so this podcast is for the WHOLE team. Join the conversation as we tackle the practical questions you’re asking so you can be encouraged and equipped as you head into your role in your youth ministry this week.

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